The Lightarian AngelLinks™

What are they?

A special team of Angelic Energies, comprising of a Seraph and four Archangels.

Who will assist you with your every day life, as well as expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy within your own energy fields.

The five Lightarian AngelLinks will create permanent connections with each of these supportive and high vibrational Angelic beings:

* Seraph Rose Aura

* Archangel Michael

* Archangel Raphael

* Archangel Uriel

* Archangel Gabriel

The AngelLinks have been inspired by Seraph Rose Aura and these Archangels to work directly and more strongly with humans to advance their spiritual development. The intention is to infuse the energy fields of humans with the angelic qualities and the energetic patterns that they embody.
The connections made via AngelLinks attunements are much deeper than the normal angelic contacts that humans usually experience.  These linkages with Seraph Rose Aura and the four Archangels are especially fine-tuned, extremely high-vibrational and truly permanent in nature. Each of these AngelLinks sets up a new, very special kind of linkage within your energy fields to allow you and these angelic beings to work together more effectively.

How will these angelic energies work with me?

In general, these five angelic beings have committed to working intimately and powerfully with us, their focus is to help you embody and expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy in your day-to-day life.

In addition to these five major angelic qualities, each angelic being will be a guide for you in these other specialized ways:

* Assisting you in navigating within the etheric realms
* Supporting you with divine healing
* “Lighting your way” into the future time
* Stimulating your creative expression
* Making your communications more effective.

How It Works

You will be sent a manual in advance for self-study in preparation for the attunements, this will explain all about the AngelLink process, as well as how once you are attuned, you can pass the attunement on to others.

Once you are familliar with the study material, you can make your booking for the attunements, which can be done at a pace which suits you, either in one session or one attunement at a time.

The Lightarian AngelLinks™ are received via a simple guided meditation technique called an attunement. They can be done in person, via Whatsapp Video Call, or Remotely at a set time.

The first attunement you will receive is Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink, as this represents our “Lightarian Doorway” into the energetic level of the Archangels, as such it is a prerequisite for receiving the four Archangel AngelLinks.

The Archangel attunements will be done after the Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink, in the order of your choice.
You will receive a Certificate and be registered to attune others once all your attunements are completed.


Cost and Booking

The cost is R1500 for the 5 attunements, or the equivalent in other currencies.

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