Pick a Bug 1 July 2021
Decks Used:
Angels of Abundance by Doreen Virtue
The Good Karma Tarot by Kerry Ward
Pick a Bug 1 July 2021 (2)
Successful Funding
Ten of Swords
The World

Don't let a few disappointments keep you from following your dreams.

Even though some people might not appreciate your ideas and dreams, even if they have outright said as much, don't take their criticism to heart. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on going. The right people will come along at the right time and believe in your ideas and dreams just as much as you do. You will find the help and support that you need, so don't give up!

Pick a Bug 1 July 2021 (3)
Sever Vows of Poverty
Page of Wands
Queen of Cups

There is no need to suffer any longer, release all vows of poverty.

Hold an intention and do a ritual if that feels right for you, to release any vows of poverty that you have made in this lifetime or any others. As you release these vows, you might find that you have some wonderful inspirational ideas that come to you. Ideas are wonderful, but remember to put them into action and see them through to the end, so you can enjoy the fulfillment that this feeling brings.

Pick a Bug 1 July 2021 (4)
Block out Distractions
Six of Cups
Eight of Swords

It is time to block out distractions so you can focus on what is important.

Daydreaming is a wonderful thing to do, but it can also take precious time away from the present moment too, especially when you need to put your head down and focus. So put your phone off, make a to do list and plan your schedule, then get started. You won't feel so trapped in this situation if you take charge of those things that you can control, and soon you will be ticking things off your list.

Pick a Bug 1 July 2021 (5)
Do the Work
King of Cups
Eight of Coins

Consistently working on your dreams will help them flourish.

It is not enough to simply wish your dreams to come true, you need to consistently work on them. Working from a place of balanced emotions and stability is important right now. Be methodical, practical and tend your dreams with love and enthusiasm. Learn new skills, or become more accomplished in those you already have, with the right intention and energy, your dreams will come true.

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