Pick a Bug 10 June 2021
Decks Used:
Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Happy Tarot by Serena Ficca
Pick a bug 10 June 2021 (2)
Do Some Research
Knight of Cups

Before you make a decision, make sure you know all the facts.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take your time about things, make sure you have all the facts, research and be patient. Don't rush into anything right now or you might find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation, rather bide your time and only make decisions when you have clear answers. Remember not to go on emotions alone, be objective and practical when making this decision.

Pick a bug 10 June 2021 (3)
Dietary Change
Page of Swords
8 of Wands

Take note of what you are putting into your body and how it makes you feel.

Not everyone's body responds the same way to foods, what works for your body might not work for someone else, the trick is to listen to your body and to make the changes it is asking you to. This is the right time to start looking at your diet and to make even little changes that will improve how your body feels. Once your body feels better, your whole life will shift in a more positive way and you will find yourself eager and willing to do more. What are you waiting for? Make those changes today.

Pick a bug 10 June 2021 (4)
Debt Paid Off
7 of Cups
King of Wands

The decisions you make at this time will help you with your financial freedom.

Financial freedom and abundance is almost at hand! What decisions can you make right now to get yourself to this point? There is an opportunity that is presenting itself to you, does it feel right? Does it feel scary? Does it feel exciting? Make goals, make decisions, now is the time. You have the power within you to make a difference in your life, indecision or doubt are not an option. Take that step and stand in your power with confidence.

Pick a bug 10 June 2021 (5)
Business Venture
Knight of Swords
7 of Pentacles

Trust and follow through on a business idea or opportunity.

Ideas are wonderful things, but unless you take action on them, that is what they will remain, ideas with no substance. Now is the time to take action on the ideas or opportunities coming to you, the effort you put in now might not show results right away or soon, but the more effort, energy and trust you put in now, the more you will reap from this in the future. Keep up the momentum and you will see the rewards.

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