Pick a Bug 14 February 2022
For the week of 14 - 20 February 2022
Decks Used:
The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne
Divine Directions by Jade-Sky
The Devil
Ace of Wands

Release and heal in order to move forward.

This week there is a call to release negative patterns, beliefs and habits that are holding you back from living your best life, especially when it comes to relationships. Get clear with yourself and examine what needs to be changed, then love yourself enough to do it, once you release and heal these you will sow the seeds for more loving and happy relationships both with yourself and those around you. Love yourself and allow yourself to heal, you deserve it.

The Tower
9 of Cups

Sometimes the only thing you can do is trust.

At times life has a way of shaking you to your core, shifting and changing in the most unexpected ways, this is not always comfortable at all, but it is generally very necessary in order to find the path that you are meant to be on. So though things might look and feel challenging right now, trust and believe that you are moving towards a much brighter and better future for you. And while you're doing that, try to enjoy the moments of bliss inbetween.

2 of Swords
Page of Wands

Take a step toward the dream

Decisions can be tricky to make, but this one might be more intimidating than others as it's to do with the dream in your heart. Trust yourself to make the right decision for you, allow yourself to follow your heart and to start learning the new skill that has been wispering to your soul, it's time to ignite the flame of knowledge and move towards the dream you know you can create for your future.

10 of Wands
7 of Swords

Intention is everything

It might have been a rought time lately, but allow yourself to release the burden that you've been carrying to the universe, set an intention of being grateful for the resources that you have in your life and then spend some time planning and strategizing about how to best move forward using them. Write down some affirmations that will inspire you to keep moving forward and repeat them to yourself often. You've got this!

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