Pick a Bug 15 April 2021
Decks Used:
The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne
Divine Directions by Jade-Sky
To give extra guidance, Runes
pick a bug 15 April 2021 (2)
Page of Wands

Allow your creative ideas to flow!

Take note of any creative ideas that have been popping up in your mind lately, do they give you a tingle of excitement and hope? Allow yourself the space and time to really think and daydream about these ideas, allow your passion for this idea to grow, and once you have, start little by little putting it into action. If you're not sure how exactly to put these ideas into action, ask your spirit guides to help you, they are always there for you, if you just ask. These ideas have limitless potential for success!

pick a bug 15 April 2021 (3)
The Empress

Take time to heal and nurture yourself...

It is time to nurture and heal your physical body. Nourish, love and take care of yourself. Ground yourself and spend time in nature if you can. But you are being asked to please take some time out for you, self care is important for you at this time. If you take time out to do this, you will allow for deep healing to occur which will bring about a balance to mind, body and spirit. When this happens you will be able to enter a beautiful time in your life of bringing your dreams to reality.

pick a bug 15 April 2021 (4)
The Hight Priestess

Connect to your highest self to get the answers...

Through connecting with your higher self, by meditation and contemplation you can find the answers you seek, the answers are within. Change and transformation are knocking on your door, it is time to open the door to the changes that are necessary in your life. Take note of any synchronicity that is happening around you, notice the signs you are being given, and most importantly, trust your divine intuition. If you take note of these and act accordingly, abundance in all areas of your life will be yours.

pick a bug 15 April 2021 (5)
10 of Swords

Through movement you can find peace...

Endings and transitions can be painful while we are going through the changes that they bring to our lives, but remember that these endings and changes often bring about the most amazing opportunities, growth and magic. Your soul is going through a change that is going to expand your life. Allow yourself to feel the feelings fully, don't judge yourself for feeling them, but don't allow yourself to stay in those feelings and get stuck there. To move through these feelings, try some gentle movement, walk in nature, do some yoga or stretch, doing this will bring you peace in the moment. All will be well.

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