Pick a Bug 22 April 2021
Decks Used:
White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch
Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper
Pick a bug 22 April 2021 (2)
Queen of Swords
King of Swords

A new door is opening for you.

There is a new opportunity coming up for you, and this is your sign that you can step through it with confidence and knowing that you have what it takes to make a success of it. If there are those that doubt your ability or that this is the right decision for you, remember to speak to them only with kindness, they are giving you guidance from their point of view, you can choose to listen with kindness and an open heart, but always remember to follow your own inner guidance and counsel. Your soul knows best.

Pick a bug 22 April 2021 (3)
Ace of Wands
The World

Let go of the past and move forward.

Past experiences are holding you back from creating your best life right now. Feel and acknowledge what it is, and then allow it to be released, do a mediation, a ritual or whatever works for you, but allow this past to be removed from your life. There is so much creativity surrounding you right now, the life of your dreams is within reach, so start embracing it and let it flow into your life, when you do this, life will be amazing and there will be much cause for celebration and happiness.

Pick a bug 22 April 2021 (4)
Archangel Gabriel
10 of Cups

Call in the pure white light.

If there is something weighing heavy on your heart right now, call in Archangel Gabriel to assist you. Though decisions can sometimes be hard, we have Angels around us to help and guide. So ask for the help that you need, he can help bring purity, clarity and awareness to this, so you can make an informed decision on the way forward.  Follow your heart and know that by making this decision it will bring you peace of mind, heart and soul, and happiness will follow.

Pick a bug 22 April 2021 (5)
Ace of Cups
The High Priestess

Prosperity is flowing towards you, so be open to receiving it.

Your cup is overflowing with happiness and emotion, and the more you get in touch with this felling of wonder about your life, the more wonder the universe will bring you. Be open to the magic that is all around you, tap into your intuition, as the more you connect with it, the more you act on it, the more you will trust life to support you and bring you all that you need and more. Remember to express the love and gratitude for all you have around you right now.

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