Pick a Bug 28 March 2022
For the week of 28 March - 3 April 2022
Decks Used:
The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne
Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray
Pick a bug 28 March 22 (2)
Quan Yin
7 of Wands
9 of Wands

Care and Compassion

This week there is a message for you to choose love and kindness above all else, most importantly, love and kindness towards yourself! You deserve the love and kindness that you so freely give everyone else, shower some of that onto yourself. Make sure that you do the hard self love part, of saying no to things that don't serve you, put boundaries in place and shine your light your way into the world, the world really does need you in it, just as you are!

Pick a bug 28 March 22 (3)
8 of Swords
King of Cups

Focused Intention

The message this week for you is that instead of allowing yourself to wallow in the feeling of being trapped, think about what it is that you truly want to achieve, set goals and then look at things from different angles, how can you creatively start action steps to the life you desire? Keep your thoughts and feelings in alignment, keep your emotions focused on how you would feel if this life was already yours. You can expect the best outcomes.

Pick a bug 28 March 22 (4)
Paul the Venetian
4 of Pentacles
7 of Pentacles

Experiencing Grace

This week you are reminded that you have gifts that you were given when you came into this lifetime, and it is safe for you to share those gifts with the world, whatever those gifts might be, they are never too small to be shared and appreciated by others. Remember that what you send out into the world and the intention with which it is sent out, always comes back to you in some form or another. So share what you have with love and grace and be open to receive what is coming to you in return.

Pick a bug 28 March 22 (5)
Mother Mary
8 of Pentacles
Knight of Cups

Love and Peace

This week focus remember that we are all on earth to learn, we are in this "school of life" and we are mastering the art of being human. Remember that everyone is going through their own lessons, and learning their own way, so give them the gift of love and kindness always. It is always the right choice to be kind. This is not to say you shouldn't keep boundaries in place, but there is a kind way to do things too. Give love and kindness to all that you meet, as all are going through things you might not know anything about.

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